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About Kate

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Kate Lee

It's a question I have asked myself often. Since I was a young kid. Growing up in the mountains of New Jersey with my older sister Kristina our lives were filled with arts, crafts & all things creative. We shared a love for animals, food, and anything rainbow colored. She often took the blame for my paint splattered walls and messes around the house whenever my Mother found them.  Anything I could slather in paint & glue something to, I did. I can still hear my Mother shouting up from the basement to my sister and I "Kate & Kris get down here! Who dipped all the barbies hair in purple paint!?" (Yes, that really happened) To some it may have been annoying, but my big sister was always supportive. She cheered me on & laughed at my antics and was always there by my side during my next new artistic adventure.

So "What makes you happy?" The answer to that question for me is still the same. And that is creating things that make other people smile. I started this company to hopefully bring you a little joy to your day when you might need it most. To motivate you. To help you remember that you are perfect just the way you are. Messes and all.

At Kate & Kris, we truly believe in the magic of creativity & individuality. We strive to inspire & give you the courage you need to follow your own dreams and to “Find your Happy”




Untitled_Artwork 219.png
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